Data Visualizations for Ecommerce

Top products on Shopify websites

We have scraped top selling products from over 210,000 Shopify websites and generated word tag cloud from their names:

Tagcloud from products of 210,000 top Shopify websites

Technologies of top 210,000 Shopify stores

One of our projects involved scraping the web technologies that are used on over 1 million Shopify stores. The chart below shows the usage of various technologies by the top 210,000 Shopify stores.

The use of web technologies by 210,000 top Shopify websites

Product categorization of Shopify stores

We trained a deep learning model for product categorization of shopify stores and applied it on top selling products of Shopify stores to categorize stores. Here is the distribution of Shopify stores over different categories:

Product categorization of top Shopify stores

Which product categories have become most popular for Shopify stores since 2010

One of our big data visualization projects set out to answer the following question: which product categories have risen most in popularity since 2010, as measured by the number of domain registrations of Shopify stores of particular category. We used a product categorization API described in more detail in blog post on ecommerce product categorization API on medium.

In order to accomplish the objective, we: